source for small violas for naturalizing?

kellygirrl(z5 !A)September 16, 2005

Does anyone know a bulk seed source for, say 3-5 inch violas I can naturalize with my low-mow grass seed this fall? Thompson and Morgan has the ONLY small violet I can find--a "tricolor", I think, but an ounce would require purchase of 190 seed packets!! and too much buckolas. Thanks!

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etii(France 8)

Hi !

Well no one seems to be able to answer your question ! :-(
Come on folks, give her a hand !
We have lot of small violas in pot in France right now -Fashion is a strange thing: some years ago the bigger pansies were the best it was, now it's just the opposite !Be patient that fashion gonna come to US soon I guess- it costs almost nothing here: between 1Â and 0,88Â (less than 1$) , so much cheeper than seeds ! It costs nothing just because it's worth nothing, scented violets are so much better ;-))
Unfortunately, I cannot buy some for you, such imports are forbidden.

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