Dog Pee Resistant Plants

bjb817April 8, 2011

I've gardened just fine with female dogs before, but now having a male in the mix is a game changer... Little fella likes to "water" everything I plant, which has caused a bit of frustration to say the least.

From the research I've done after my initial failure, I understand that salt tolerant plants should fare the best... This has not been the case across the board though. So far, this is what I've tried:


Wax Myrtle





Rock Rose

I have alot more planting to do, so any suggestions that y'all have been successful with would be appreciated!

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I recently fenced off the garden area. The dogs (5) get to romp in a large grassy area, and the back yard garden can grow in peace. The 2 male dogs like to water everything; and one dog loves to chase lizards and their romping could do seripous damage to emerging flower and veggie seedlings. So my solution instead of tailoring the garden to the dogs, was to provide them an area where they can indulge in dog behavior.
My approach is not for everyone, but that is how I manage the dog/garden issue.

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

My hell strip garden gets pee from every dog in town. I too put up a fence but it's just wire. The plants that survive are plants folks assure me are "weeds". Texas native dandilion (hey I love the pure,lemon yellow they are!), evening primrose, blue bonnets, lindhiemer's guara, kidneywood trees, lantana(toxic to dogs if they eat it),pear cactus in a pot(will take over, dogs will avoid it), wildflowers (blanket flower, coreopsis, lemon mint etc......) and coneflower but it will be kinda raggy, lousisana iris, and taro.

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Well, fencing really isn't an desirable option here... Luckily the problem is pretty well confined to the peeing male. They don't really dig or tear things up too bad...

Guess I'll just have to keep experimenting. At least the big boxes take returns on the dead plants!

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

You can train dogs who live in the house to eliminate in a certain area. Obviously this won't work with dogs left outside.

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