Viola Ooh la la: does it really exist ??

etii(France 8)September 22, 2005

Hello folks :-)

I'm trying to get that ooh la la for 1 year now: no way, I just can't get it ! :'''''(

The first nursery told me they could send it finally 'cause it has died (not so hard as they had been told) :-( Finally, some show it in their catalogue, but none seems to sell it.

Did someone try to buy it or just have it ?

Thanks guys for your help :-)

hasta la vista.


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stefanb8(z7 MD)

I don't know, Thierry... but it is interesting that Terra Nova Nurseries no longer has it listed in their standard online catalog (it is still in the "new for 2005" section, but I wonder if they actually had problems with the production and simply forgot to remove the listing from that page). I rather suspect that it is not being sold anywhere... but I will ask my parents to look at a local nursery that has traditionally grown a number of plants from Terra Nova.

It's also interesting to note the new Silver Samurai they are listing, which they claim is a "big brother" to Dancing Geisha - I suppose they mean to say that it is larger, but they don't say how much and the picture makes me a little skeptical of that idea. The leaves don't look proportionally bigger compared to the flowers than you'd find in DG, unless those are bigger as well. It also doesn't look quite as handsomely variegated as Dancing Geisha, at least not in that picture. Their hardiness ratings are also off, as Dancing Geisha has proven hardy in zone 4, but Mars is very, very tender and is not even a zone 5 plant.

All the best,

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etii(France 8)

Thanks you very much for caring about my question :-)
So, have you asked your parents ?!
I do wonder about that Ooh la la...


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I was confirmed it should be available in Netherlands next year...Wait and see...

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