Splitting Parmas

Violetvamp(7a/Virginia,USA)September 13, 2005

Hello Everyone,

Why is everyone so quiet?!No messages since Sept.1st!

I am new to parmas and have three(now!).My "Violette de Toulouse" grew another crown and spread out so nicely that I seperated the two crowns (as one of you explained to me)and re-planted them both in the ground.I pray they both make it.My question-Should I want to pot my parmas for the winter and keep indoors:what type of pot (clay,plastic etc...)and what size pot?Where do I place the pots and do I fertilize in pots?Any other helpful info would also be welcome.Thanks to you all!!


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etii(France 8)

Hi !

U're right, so quiet, too quiet :-( No alien to indentify, no picture to see...
Don't worry so much about your parma :-) Violets are not so fragil, thanks godness. No matter if the pot is clay or plastic according to me. About the size: it mainly depends on your plant; the bigger it is, the bigger the pot must be and the bigger it will grown :-) The way you feel it, the way you do it ;-) "Just do it" without a shoe ;-)
Keep cool n take it easy :-))

bye bye
Hasta la vista :-)

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