Viola pedata

etii(France 8)October 31, 2005

Hello !

I'm so happy 'cause I've just received viola pedata from Holland (thanks you so much Gerk :-) I'm about like a boy for Xmas ;-)

I bought 4 of them, I'm afraid so much that one dies ;-) and I guess the four can't die at the same time ! lol No halloween, Xmas ;-) Anything....

If you have good advice about that US beauty, you're welcome :-) I can look at googles but do prefer to hear them from you folks.

Have a nice day :-) Beware of the witches ;-)


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stefanb8(z7 MD)

I'm so happy for you, Thierry! Keep the plant's soil acid (low pH), well-drained, and on the dry side and it will be happiest. The acidity is the biggest issue, because it can easily become very chlorotic if it there is much lime in the soil. I would only use rain water if possible, or perhaps distilled water!

Good luck,

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etii(France 8)

Thanks Stefan :-)
I planted it in ground of heather as so to have an acid soil :-) Crossed fingers. I would have done my best anyway :-) I bought so seeds as well, if something wrong happen, I'll be able to have a new start.
U can think I'm nuts but I find it so beautiful and it's so hard to find ! Anyway, do wonder what I won't do for violets :-)

All and only the best :-)

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gerdk(7 Europe)

An additional warning: Keep the crown of the plant as dry as possible in autumn and winter. I lost most of my plants by fungal infection of the rootstock. A sunny position (even in autumn) or a cold greenhouse with good ventilation is recommended.
Best wishes

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etii(France 8)

Thanks for the advices :-)
I'll try my best, I promise ! And I'll keep the faith :-)
I do NOT want to loose that one.

Take care.

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