Some beauties :-)

etii(France 8)October 10, 2006

Hi folks !

As I'm fed up with reading how to kill violets (it drives me crazy/sick) I decided to put some LIFE here :-)

It's the end of summer in France, that's to say fall is knocking on the door (you all know that story about a beautiful princess sleeping during a while ;-)) so I don't have a lot of things to show.

Hederacea is still making its best (still jully it can help flowering, believe me, I won't complain), some shy odorata are making small blooms. Royal Elk is making some fun with 3 petal flowers...anyway...

Game time !!!!!!!! ;o) Where are the true flowers ;-))

ENJOY :-))

All the best :-)


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etii(France 8)

Another pic made today :-) Last flowers from pedata and Royal Elk I think....

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todancewithwolves(Z9 CA)

BEAUTIFUL! Such vibrant color. It should be painted so it may preserved forever. Thank you for brightening my cold winter day.


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