Special violet searching for identity

helenaviolet(9b)October 10, 2012

Here is a pic of a violet - V. odorata - which I know has been growing in Australia since at least the 1920's. I refer to it as "Julie's violet" in memory of an old friend who gave it to me.I feel sure that it may be an old named cultivar and hope that someone might recognise it. The flowers are large, lightly scented and held on long stems; good for picking. They are a deep lavender-blue and cold weather brings out a crimson blush. Strong growth and large coarsely textured leaves. Please, if this violet is familiar I would be interested in any information. Feel free to copy the pic for discussion purposes.

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I have no idea what variety it is, but it is really lovely. Thank you so much for posting the picture.

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Thanks for the response - yes it is a lovely violet and no matter if you haven't seen it. That is good information in a way. I think (hope) people might recognise it from my photo and description. All cultivated violets in Australia have descended from plants which were imported from Europe or America - perhaps over a century past so records have been lost.

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