Large Weeds

puchchuOctober 9, 2009


I bought a large property last year with a large garden however, overlooked a problem. On one side of my garden is another community property which had provided it's fence. So, now there are two fences with no manÂs land in between which cannot be accessed (my fence is facing the other direction). The space between two fences is around 1.5 feet. In this space there is a large growth of weeds and av which all over my side of fence and protruding through the fence as well.

I tried weeds killer but these are too giant to kill with weeds. I can not access it without breaking the fence and that also wonÂt be a final solution as in future again the weeds might come up in that area?

Can you give me some idea as to how I can kill the weeds from growing and avoid spending lots of money in first breaking/cutting my fence to access it and from future growth? Basically I want to make that part of land infertile without breaking through my fence and avoid the ugly weeds coming to my garden.

I will appreciate some help?

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