Can anyone identify this lawn weed ????

DougButtimer(Wiltshire UK)October 30, 2005

I'm a newbie to this forum (AND to identifying lawn weeds ! So pardon me if this has been asked before !)

My lawn is REALLY infested with this weed and I need to get it under control - the normal selective lawn weedkiller doesn't seem to have any affect on it at all. Can anyone suggest an effective treatment (please be aware that I'm in the UK, so obtaining US brand names may be a problem) I hope that the image is clear enough for someone to identify this pest) Many thanks !

Image link:

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Please help me identify this weed. I had a 'few' of this stuff last year as did my neighbors but this year it has COMPLETELY taken over this entire area of NC. The worse part is: If you let the stuff 'dry out' (go to seed) it actually 'jumps' at you and sprays hundreds of small seeds in a circle thus spreading the pest for NEXT year. Most of my neighbors say "It will go away when hot weather sets in" and they just mow it down in their lawns. The problem IS (for me) I have half my yard in flowers, bulbs etc so 'mowing' it down is impossible. I have taken out 20 plastic bags of the stuff from my flower beds and have only done about 1/4 th of the beds. I have to get this done before hot weather sets in so it will not start 'jumping/spraying' the seeds. I'm about at my wits end... Please, can some of you SE gardeners that know WHAT this stuff is HELP ME???

Here is a link that might be useful: Mystery Weed

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April 29 - I have found out (since posting this about Chickweed (which I could not identify)) that one of the reasons that it is so prolific in some soils is that the soil is lacking in lime. So I will be applying lime to my yard to see if that helps curtail the weed next spring. I understand that lime only has to be applied every 3 to 4 years... In any case, I have pulled up enough of the stuff this year (about 40 bags of the stuff) that at least my flowers can be seen again. See link below

Here is a link that might be useful: Yard without Chickweed!!!

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Hi all

Just wanted to let all members know that visit my web sites;security risks are now being addressed on all of my web sites and that ALL IP Addresses of all visits will be recorded for security reasons.


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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Chickweed is common in moist soil. Liming won't limit its growth.

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