Weed vine

imtonymOctober 25, 2010

East Texas area here. I can't figure out what this invasive vine is. I have taken specimens to my garden centers, and no luck. It pops up as a little seedling-looking shoot and then grows like mad. Summer months, this thing can grow about a foot or more per week. When I pull it out of the ground, I get root pieces, but there seems to be a large woody root system. I've never seen it flower, and although it has some tendrils, it's not a very "sticky" vine.

It pops up all over my garden beds and even in the middle of my St. Augustine grass. I am busy all season just trying to keep it from taking over my gardens. I need to identify it and eradicate it.

Any idea what it might be? Thanks!

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Hard to tell from your small pic, but does you neighbor have a Trumpet Vine?

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