double flowers

denisd_31(France 8)October 13, 2005


Few days ago I photographed this stunning double seeds pod on a 'Mrs Barton'

Click on the thunbail to enlarge

This morning i saw this incredible double flower

I have kept a few seeds from this amazing pod !

Perhaps a future new cultivar nammed 'Mister Barton' ?



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etii(France 8)

Salut !

Such an exciting aventure :-) Thanks for sharing :-)
I had a great laught 'cause the pod really looks like...well everybody imagine what I mean ;-) Mister, that's the right word lol

When I click on the pics, I just can't see them enlarged :-/ Am I the only one ?

Bye bye.

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Mike Hardman(Cyprus, 100m altitude)

Well observed, Denis!
And a very good name ;-)
When you start looking at violets closely, you start to notice things like that. It is surprising what abnormalities occur. Keep looking; I do!

I have seen violet flowers with twin spurs, flowers with no spurs, and flowers with fused sepals and petals, and flowers with subsidiary flowers coming out of the flower stem at the bracts, as well as pods with 4, 5, and even just 2 valves (rather than the normal 3).
But your plant/photo is a new one to me :)

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