Where to find seeds of viola pedata ?

etii(France 8)October 9, 2005

Hello folks !

Does anyone know where I could buy some seeds of viola pedata on the web ? Any link ? I tried ebay but only found pedatifida wrong named birdfoot...

Take care.


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stefanb8(z7 MD)

I know that it is fairly easy to get if you're in North America, but I noticed B&T World Seeds seems to have them available... they should be easier to order from for you, I'm guessing. Here is the page where I found it listed:

Native Plants of the U.S. Northeast

All the best,

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etii(France 8)

Thank you so much!
I had tried B&T (French version) and of course it hadn't worked. You're right I found it on the american version and bought it: YES YES YES ;-) Hope I'll get it: on the web, sometimes there's a big difference between buying and having. I read so many times emails saying "we are sorry but...." and so on. @&!)=@%*¤_# !!
Thanks again

All the best too :-)

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etii(France 8)

I HATE them lol !!!
I've just received a mail saying that my paypal paiement had been refused by Matthew Sleigh. Nothing more, he could explain ! Such a miss of diplomacy ! :-(
Is it impossible to import that viola ? They don't sell it anymore ? Who knows....

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gerdk(7 Europe)

Dear Thierry,
If you are looking for plants try (via Internet) C. Esveld or Ploeger de Bilt in the Netherlands. Don't buy Viola pedata alba - this is Viola pedatifida.
Best wishes

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etii(France 8)

Thanks a lot :-)
I did it on C. Esweld...do hope they will send me instruction for paiement and so on. Such a pity you can't use a credit card online (so much easier).
Crossed fingers, do hope I'll be luckier than before :-)
Very nice of you to have given me the infos :-) I prefer plants from seeds but they are so hard to find.

All the best :-)

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denisd_31(France 8)

you can try to purchase it in Germany
at "alpine-peters"
Listing ( .pdf )
On line shop
They have Viola pedata and Viola pedata var. bicolor


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etii(France 8)

Hi Denis :-)

I know alpine-peters: they have crazy violas :-) Two month ago, I ordered a lot of them and I'm still waiting. They don't answer mails (I can't speak German)...
Wait and see :-)
Merci de l'info, c'est sympa :-)

Ci@o ci@o

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