behlgarden(9)June 7, 2012

Anyone planted or had tomato variety TIGERELLA? I ordered bunch of stuff from when trying to get to $50 mark to get $25 discount, I ended up ordering this tomato, looked very pretty!

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Interesting.... Your timing is... impecable? Please see the Mr Stripey thread for more info.

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I has also been called Mr. Stripey, which is a large bicolor yellow/orange tomato. Tigerella is a smaller red tomato with yellow stripes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tigerella/TOMATOBase

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Coconut_Head, on timing, this was just for next season, just wanted to get to $50 order to get $25 off, LOL. Could have picked up Brandyvine but I have a lot of those.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Yes, I just posted about Tigerella in the Mr. Stripey thread and gave the background and also said I didn't like it, well maybe not in detail, so I will now.

The taste is far too aggressive for me, quite tart and it splits with the AM dew. Others may like that kind of taste but not me when there are thousands of other varieties I'd rather grow. ( smile)

If one is an SSE member and looks in the annual Yearbook there are many listings for tiger this tiger that and all of them are about the same by description, that is small red with yellow/gold stripes.

Once having grown Tigerella I had no interest at all in growing anything else with Tigerly, Tiger, etc., as part of the variety name. LOL


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Yes, that was what I meant by your timing, Carolyn had just given a description of it, so it was coincidental. I didn't mean anything about your planting timing.

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It looks like I got decived by the pictue and promped me to buy it. Growing a tomato from seed to fruit and actually getting to eat is a very lengthy, laborous, and expensive thing to do, I would rather focus on the ones that are good. I may ask for a return, not growing this one for sure. Thanks for insights.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

behl, why not grow it and see if YOU like it. There are lots of folks who buy seeds for tomato varieties and it turns out that they don't like the plants/fruits.

And I bet you didn't pay too much for those seeds either. ( Smile)

It's just another aspect of choosing varieties as part of the tomato growing that we do and I know I wouldn't ask them to accept the seeds back and refund your money to you or even give you credit.

Just me own wee opinion here. ( smile)


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Sorry, but it was at Walmart 4 years ago,but it was called Tiger.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

jolj,in any one SSE Yearbook one can find the following varieties, pretty much the same but from different sources:

Tiger Paw
Tiger Stripe
Tiger Tom
Tiny Tiger

And while almost all of them are called tart by the folks who list them, and almost all describe them as red with yellow orange stripes, and while almost all of them are small, I'd like to say that there are real differences between them, but can't.


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