Does anyone have a picture of these violets?

chloeashaOctober 17, 2012

Hi all! I'm poking around on the internet, trying to see if anyone has photos of v. odorata "Fair Oaks" or v. odorata Orange "Laney Bell." It seems both are camera shy.

Also for anyone who has Alice Witter-- do you like her? Is she like priceana but just in the mave/maroon/burgundy color?



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Alice Witter is a lovely weed! Here is a pic.

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Ooo thanks! I'm trying to decide if I should order these. I have limited space on my balcony, so it's choices that have to be made. She looks lovely!

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V.sororia is very compact, no runners. They grow very well in small pots or hanging baskets. You could try a collection of 3 or 4 varieties. The seeds sprout easily and be warned - sororias self-seed like crazy. The tiny little plants you can see in my pic are all seedlings!

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Yeah! I have priceana and the regular purple. I saw your gaggle of seedlings-- exciting! :) I was thinking about her because of my success with the others, although since my space is limited I wasn't sure if it would be worth it since I already have Priceana. I think it may be, though, just for sheer number of blooms.

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