Tree Violets.....

nathalieOctober 19, 2005

Hello violet folks

Let me show you a wonderfull tree violet my friend Yann made!


Image link:

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denisd_31(France 8)

Hi Natha,

it looks like a climbing violet.


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I dug up this old pic from "my secret violet trail":) sorry it is not very clear, but I promise it is a violet...

how do i upload pics?? the forum is not very user friendly:(

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etii(France 8)

It's a very young tree: will nathalie resists not to deliver this violet from that strange torture ;-)
Yang yang: keep cool boy :-) You're right, not easy to post a pic. The best way is to post a new message :-) TRY and make us see another tree :-)

All the best

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Perhaps gardenweb needs some technical uplifting... I tried for almost half an hour without success yesterday. The pages are very slow to load, too:( Anyway, Natha has seen that pic of mine before - it is a violet growing on a big tree (between the two main branches of the tree trunk)...

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etii(France 8)

Well, from France the forum is not slow at all...It must come from China...too many people on the web at the same time ;-)
If you send me the pic by mail, I can post it for you :-) It sounds so great :-)

What about violas in China ? There must be a lot of interesting species ? If you have same diversity as a country like Japan, in does comparison with the surface of China, the number of species have to be impressive, isn't it ?

Take care

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How explain this strength? My tree violet is starting flowering. I will like to know if among you, one try to make/grow tree violet. Have good plantation, and good Christmas.

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Loretta NJ Z6

For posting images, below is a link to the help page. There is a test forum also for experimenting.

I use Photobucket to post images. It's free and allows outside links. Its very easy to upload your image there to your album. Then when you post a message here, copy and paste the text inside the box labeled 'TAG' inside your message. That would be the second option under the image of your pic. When you preview your message, you should see the image if done right.
That is a start.

Here is a link that might be useful: Help page

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