best product for clover in st augustine grass?

aggiedude(z9 Houston, TX)January 28, 2006

what is the best product that any of you are aware of to kill clover growing my my st augustine lawn. from what I hear you have to be careful because many products are not safe for this type of grass.

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Here in central Florida we use granular or liquid products with atrazine for broadleaf weed control in St. Augustine turf.

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Leave it alone! Clover is the best thing you can have in your lawn. It's the chemical companies who have branded it as a weed so they can sell more weed-killer. Clover replenishes the nitrogen in the soil and needs less water. A lawn with clover in will stay green all summer.

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just_curious(7b/8a Canada)

I too would leave it alone but, if you can't, I would spot treat with either suflur or urea. Clover dislikes them both. I've also used them in combination with success.
Some of the best herbicides for clover are expensive and hard on the enviornment

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leave clover alone, it's harmless.

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Any broad leaf weed killer will unneccessarily kill off White Dutch Clover. When I was a child, 1950 era, WDC was planted in the lawn, purposely, to help provide some Nitrogen to help the grass grow (of course we did not them have allthe "fertilizers" we have now). As the turfgrass "fertilizer" industry grew and people had to have a large weed free pasture around their homes WDC became a weed, because the compnaies that made the "weed" poisons could not develop one that did not kill it.
Today this industry spend tons of money convincing Joe Homeowner that anything but grass in his lawn willcause irreparable harm to the physce of his children and he needs to spend lots of money eliminating those, adn that is hogwash. Leave the clover because it is better for your soil than the stuff you would use to eliminate it.

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