Peonies in TX???

vuwugarden(Central TX 8b)April 15, 2010

I planted a peony root in 2008 and completely forgot about it. It never bloomed so I thought, eh, maybe we don't have enough frost or cool temps to satisfy the divas.

Anyway, the area where the peony's located I had planted roses nearby, like literally on top of the peony root.

See the one baby bud?

So my question to you all is, can I grow peonies here in TX after all?

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Yes you can! But you have to protect them from hail and late freezes. If either conditions come up place a trash can over the plant with a brick on top of it to hold it in place. Once I gently stuffed newspaper up under the trashcan to help protect the buds from the cold.

You should expect even more flowers next spring.

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Yes you probably will do ok with peonies. What part of central texas are you in??

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Peonies? Really? I might have to give one a try - love them! Is it too hot here or just not cold enough? I'm farther south......


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Lynn, if you can find a plant now (I've seen them at Lowe's) get it, keep it in dappled sun or morning sun only and well watered through the summer. This fall you can plant it right where you had it all summer. I wouldn't try to put it in the ground now. They don't like being moved around and doing it while its dormant is the best time to move it. You may have to wait a few years for it to flower. Its slow to establish. But once it does you'll get some flowers if you give it only morning sun and protect the buds from the hail and late freezes.
At least that is what has worked for me up here in DFW.

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olgaflowers(8 - DFW)

I was told to buy the early, mid, varieties.

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I guess I should point out the only one I've grown was the

'Sarah Bernhardt'. It bloomed in April/early May

Here is a link that might be useful: 'Sarah Bernhardt'

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vuwugarden(Central TX 8b)

Thanks everyone for the replies.

phoenix7801, I'm in Hutto.

melvalena, I don't remember which root survived. I had ordered 3 roots back in '08, a red one, pink one, and a white one. If and when it blooms, we'll know which root survived. Let's cross our fingers until that day!

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it alsmost looks like the bud on the one i have sarah berhardt, the color the size everything.i know its naive think that but could'nt help.

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chickadee_42us(8a Tx)

I have a co-worker who can grow them like know one I have ever seen before. She lives in Richardson, Texas. All varieties, all colors. She firmly believes you plant in fall and do absolutely nothing to them!!! Go figure.

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There's a nursery in the NE that says it's possible to grow tree peonies in the SW, by artificially "inducing" winter dormancy. I put one in a year and a half ago and it looks really nice this spring, although I don't expect blooms for at least another year, maybe two. (If the dog hadn't broken the main stem off right after I planted it, I suppose it would be farther along.)

They supposedly like alkaline soil...and we certainly have that.

Here is a link that might be useful: growing tree peonies in the southwest

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chickadee are you serious? I need to know where she lives now! just kidding, but I love peonies and everyone has said its impossible in texas to do so. i have hope!

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