I want my violets to spread faster

ljama98(Zone 6 NY)October 1, 2003

I have what I guess is the common variety of violets in my shade garden. Someone gave me a clump many years ago and they have spread quite a bit, but it's been very slow. Anyway, I just moved a few clumps of them to a new area. I would like this area to fill in quickly. My question is, would they spread more quickly if I opened the seed pods and broadcast them around the area or is it better to let them seed on their own? If it's ok to break open the seed pods, how do I know when they are ready?

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Mike Hardman(Cyprus, 100m altitude)

Oh I'd let them seed on their own. The seeds should disperse OK naturally. If your colony is not spreading fast enough, it may be because the seeds or seedlings are being eaten. So you might want to watch seedlings, and if they do seem to 'disappear', pot some up and grow them on before replanting when bigger. Divide the parents, if suitable, when they are big enough as well.

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