Cold hardy violas

beachlakegrower(5b PA)October 11, 2011

Are there cold-hardy violas that can grow from seedlings and survive in an unheated cold frame in Zone 5b from March through April?

My original idea was to start with grow lights at the beginning of March and grow the plants for 8 wks.under the grow lights and then transplant out the end of April into raised beds.

But if I can use the cold frame and avoid the costly, electricity-using lamps, I would rather go that route.

Thank you for any feedback.



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What kind of violas are you looking for.I don't think any of the pansys are cold hardy. I've tried lots of stuff.
What I do have are some hardy violets.
I have the perfume violet-viola odorata-, Tokyo Violet,birds foot violet both bi-color and blue,wild violets purple,yellow and white, and one I found that is the most interesting that I haven't identified. It has a large blossom and is blue and fades to white in the center.
What is it your trying to do? Maybe I can offer some advice.

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The Sorbet series is widely available and should meet your requirements. The Endurio series is supposed to be even more cold hardy and is available from Thompson & Morgan.

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