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mastergardenerfrank(Zone6/New Jerse)October 12, 2003

This Violet was donated to a plant sale last year & was marked "Siberian Violet". I have not been able to find anything with that name. It looks simular to Labrador Violet however does not get the purple on the leaves.The Mother plant overwintered with the pot sunk into the ground. I removed 37 seedlings from the mom this spring. I've finally caught it with a bloom. The smaller plant is a little wilted because it was in the 70's yesterday & today, after being in the upper 50's to lower 60's. Any help would be appreciated. Frank

Image link:

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Your violet really looks like Viola koreana...
I thinks the others readers will be able to tell you more about it...specially about the correct spelling and origins wich I don't remember to be siberia or not!?
We have already had few postings on this violets in this forum...

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Mike Hardman(Cyprus, 100m altitude)

Yup - Viola variegata (often still referred to as V. koreana). The leaves should be purple underneath.
I am not sure how widespread the variegated form is, but the plain green one covers an area from Japan to Korea to Manchuria to Siberia.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's a search that'll show you some images

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mastergardenerfrank(Zone6/New Jerse)

Thanks alot guys. Yes the leaves are purple underneath.

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