Violet Society Seeds (2000) update

shanachie1(z5NY)November 27, 2001

Jeff - if you are reading, wanted to let you know that I had brought the A & B packets of seeds to IES (Institute of Ecosystem Studies) Greenhouse where I volunteer. We had poor germination but have grown 9 plants. A few have lovely foliage but none of the flowers are that exciting . One has the oddest, nastiest scent(very reminiscent of body odor). Will try to photograph should you be interested?

Deborah Kral

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Hello Shanachie,
How very nice hearing from you. I am stepping in for Jeff Parkes, who is out of the country on business matters. Yes! we would very much like to know about your experience with the Violet Society Seeds. The planned theme for the Spring 2002 Journal, will be something like, "The Blooming Report". We hope to have reports and photos of Violets in Bloom, from many areas. Perhaps you could consider writing an article for that up-coming issue. Other readers are encouraged to think about doing the same. Please contact me at:
With Thanks,
Jill Ann Williams

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Jill - I am hardly an experienced enough gardener to write an article but am a photographer so will work on getting some acceptable shots! It was exciting to see germination & possible future IDs of what we have.

Deborah Kral

Here is a link that might be useful: IES Greenhouse information

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Here it is going on 04 and I just peeked in the door of Violet Society. I would like to grow Parma violets in Baja California Norte...about 37 miles South of San Diego, CA. Its very hot here but temp and shade can be controled. Nurseries don't have plants and I work for a seed company which doesn't handle them. Any ideas? Lois Drake

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Mike Hardman(Cyprus, 100m altitude)


Parma seeds are as rare as hen's teeth. You won't find them commercially anywhere (or if you do, be very suspicious - they're probably something else). Even if you do get some, they may not germinate. As far as I know, there is only one grower in the whole world alive today who has produced Parma seeds (and I was lucky and privileged enough to see and photograph one of them).

So your best bet for getting Parma violets is still to go for plants.

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