Variegated violet - Help Identify

CharRedNovember 12, 2012

Just acquired my first violet and having trouble identifying the type I have (see attached photo). It has variegated leaves and the grower told me it was a "Portuguese violet", but I can't find any info on internet for that kind. Is this just another name for sweet violets, or do I have something unusual here? Please help since a little more info will assure I give this beauty the proper care. Any assistance to figure out the variety I have would be grately appreciated...

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Here's an additional photo showing the complete plant, in case that helps to identify it. Again much appreciation for any assistance...

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I don't think it is a violet. Try looking up Browallia and see if it could be that. Hope this helps. Mike

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Thanks Mike!! I finally got a minute to check on that and I think you're right. This looks more like Browallia than violet. Mystery solved... Appreciate your help.

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