What can I use organically to rid this kind of weed

chueh(7B)January 6, 2008

I have this kind of weed (please see the picture below) among the lawn. Although it keeps the lawn looking greener, when the lawn is actually asleep, it is very invasive. I have kept pulling it out, yet it grows faster than I could pull. I have been adding organic materials to the lawn, plus pulling all kinds of weeds out. The lawn looks much better now, but the kind of the weeed I was talking about is not gone. What can I use organically to prevent it coming back? Thanks

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Looks like henbit, an annual plant that seeds prolifically.

Pull them and keep pulling. Don't let them go to seed!

More info here

Here is a link that might be useful: henbit

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Note what the link that Jean provided says about henbits prefered growing conditions. Correct them in your lawn and you will see fewer of these plants growing there.

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Thank you guys. You have been very helpful

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