Chimera Violet Hawaiin Trail Flowers

lara11November 1, 2007


I bought a few months ago Chimera Violet Hawaiin Trail on eBay (blue flowers with white stripes). It was without flowers healthy plant. The seller stated in the add that this plant had been flowering true. I replanted the violet and it produced 7 suckers that I had cut off two months ago. Now it is producing more suckers and two days ago the first flower appeared. It didin't fully opened up yet, but I can see that there are no white stripes as it suppose to be. I use Schultz violet fertilizer and grow all my plants under the flourescent light. The plant is next to the window and gets also shaded sun light during a day. The fluorescent lights are warm and cool and I leave it at least for 14 hours or more.

During a summer the temperature between 25-30 degrees C. Now it is less warm, around 25 C. I also use humidifier (60-70 %) in the room.

1 For some reason half of the leaf is green and half became reddish. May be too much light or fertilizer?

2 Is it possible that true chimera lost stripes for some reason or I am doing something wrong?

The plant is more under cool light than warm, I moved it to the middle of the shelf today, may be this is the reason why violet lost stripes on the flowers?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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stefanb8(z7 MD)

I believe you'll get suitable answers on the "African Violet" forum, rather than here on the "Violet" forum (true violets are different plants altogether)... good luck!

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Hi stefanb8, tahnks for replying! I already post it there.

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