Wandering Jew Plants

lfb3(8)January 4, 2006

Help! My yards are overrun by wandering jew plant, spider plants, and elephant ears. How can I get rid of these plants once and for all. I have enough to stock a nursery.

Have spent hours pulling them up - no good; used Round-up and other weed killers on them, including the one that sterilizes the soil for one year - and no good.

Short of digging up my yard three feet deep and replacing it with new soil, I am at a loss.

The wandering jew plant has spread to both my neighbor's yard and they are also unable to stop the spread.

Will the boiling water treatment work? Will the vinegar w/or w/o salt work. Am willing to try anything.



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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I suggest that you may not be using your herbicides properly or persistently. Obviously you are contaminating the soil in the area!

Boiling water/vinegar/salt applications are not appropriate for your problem. These are obviously plants with tough under ground storage roots and rhizomes.

Mow or cut back the affected area and allow new growth to emerge. Using a combination of a top kill herbicide and RoundUp, spray (lightly) these plants every time you observe new growth emerging. ONE application will not do it. Scythe is one broad spectrum herbicide that comes to mind as a good product to mix with the RoundUp. Remember, you don't need to get any of these products on the soil at all! They work on plants, not soil.

Apply before the new growth develops a thick cuticle. As soon as more new growth emerges from base, spray again. The plants will eventually die from starvation.

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