English Ivy Removal

andyshoe3January 18, 2014

Hey there,

Recently the English Ivy in my back yard was removed. All of the above ground Ivy is gone. As I went to start preparing the soil that once had Ivy for a vegetable garden, I noticed many of the Ivy roots are still there.

My question is, do all of these roots need to be removed before I can begin growing in it's place?


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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

The removal job is incomplete. All those roots will sprout when the weather warms.
So either remove all greenery as soon as you see it. Then repeat ad nauseum.
Or apply herbicide to all new greenery. Then repeat ad nauseum.

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Any and all roots of Ivies need to be dug out or they will sprout new growth. The safest method of removal is to dig. Ivies seem to have an ability to stop the spread of the herbicide, which will contribute to the pollution of your environment, to the roots so often herbicides are not very effective in controlling Ivy.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Ivy "stops" the herbicide because of the waxy coating on the leaves. Apply a wipe-on treatment to newer growth is quite effective. As said, repeat as needed.

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