Question about winter pansies

aphroditelaughs(Puget Sound)November 7, 2004

I just bought winter pansies from my local garden center. The folks there say that they will stop blooming when it gets really cold, rest, then bloom again in March. Is there anything I should do to facilitate that? Do I fertilize them? If so, when? I live in Seattle, Zone 7.


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Jill_Ann_Williams(Baltimore, MD)

Here in Baltimore,MD, about March 1st; I sprinkle Epsom Salts around my violets and pansies. I go to the Dollar store and purchase a 22oz. container for $1.00. When I come home, I just sprinkle the Epsom Salts around the base of the plants. I continue this once a week until the plants begin to come into bloom.

The Epsom Salts seem to promote blooming and also dissuade bugs. Right now in my small greenhouse, I have a lot of blooms on my V.hederacea, on which I sprinkle Espsom salts, every other week.

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Jill_Ann_Williams(Baltimore, MD)

Here is a photo of my Viola striata. They are shown in bloom in late April. They had been sprinkled about 6 weeks previous, with epsom salts.

Here is a link that might be useful: Viola striata in bloom

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Mike Hardman(Cyprus, 100m altitude)

aphroditelaughs, plant tour pansies and leave them to their own devices.
And don't be distressed if during a freezing spell you find them looking like cold cooked spinach - they will miraculously revive themselves when it thaws (unless it is very cold).

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i purchased winter pansies and they did well through spring and part of summer, but now they are gone, i was wondering what do i need to do to keep them coming back?

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I have been out searching for "Halloween Pansies". I have planted them in the fall for the past two years. (bright orange & black) They are one of my favorite flowers they give a lot of "bang" for the buck. This summer they were exceptional, the orange ones lasted until the very hot ninty degree weather hit in August, but amazingly the black ones are still going, at leat a few of them. I cannot believe how black these pansies are. My questions is; can you propogate pansies by cutting? Or must it be seed? I would love to keep them growing. I haven't had any luck with 2 nurseries in my area. They didn't order them this year.

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cangrow(Z7 BC Canada)

Hi. I'm in Vancouver, just a little north of you, and my pansies 'rested' through the winter (obliterated by a couple of unexpected frosts) and came back beautifully in February and March.

Half of my pansies are planted over daffodils, and I'd read that I should put bone meal over daffs in February. I don't know if it helped the daffs, but the pansies that got the bone meal were twice as full and vigorous as the others that didn't get the Feb bone meal.

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