Vidéo :-)

etii(France 8)November 19, 2007

Hi folks !

I've just found a video on YouTube (French version): just delicious :-)

Hope it's gonna stay longer than the last link I had posted about a song written by Scarlatti :-/

Enjoy :-)

All the best - Thierry :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: VIDEO

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etii(France 8)

Let's try that way:

violette du monde
envoyé par alsheir

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stefanb8(z7 MD)

Very nice find, Thierry! I was looking at it closely, and think the video is just a collection of still photos with the "zoom" added as a special effect. The rosulate violets were particularly interesting.

The first link seems to be better than the second, which cuts off early for me.

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denisd_31(France 8)

Hello Thierry and all folks,
I am very proud to see my Video on GardenWeb ( LOL )
There are some violets from my own collection and some other pictures (rosulates) found on the net. I made this video with the free software Picasa

You can see this video on my "YouTube" selection of Aïkido and Kyudo videos that I practice since 2003

Denis=Shirobanasumire ( the meaning is White flower Violet)

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stefanb8(z7 MD)

Denis, it's quite nice! I've only heard the name Picasa mentioned before, but didn't know what it was for. I guess you can't hide anything on the internet with violets in it from Thierry, he'll always find it eventually ;)

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etii(France 8)

Denis: ;oPPPPP You jocker guy: you made fun of me ;-)))

When I think about my mail written to Nathalie full of enthusiasm saying I had found someone on the web in love with violets I do have a good laugth !!! God !!

Gonna try Picasa :-) It seems great.

Kind regards - Thierry :-)

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etii(France 8)

Just for fun :-)

Diaporama CPA3

All the best - Thierry :-)

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Just watched the video I am falling in love with violets as we speak! But being a "violet virgin" I don't know much... I live in Traverse City MI. and am looking at 3 or 4 ft of snow and its snowing again I do have some french lavender(thinking of you Thierry)and geraniums etc in the windowsill but its not the same. I so appreciate the beautiful pictures, they lift the spirit but I must say my kids hate you 'cause I've been on the computer for two days straight!! The only violets I have are some labrador and some wild. I've been interested in violets because they are a food source for the fritillary butterflies, but I see they are so much more...For the U.S. I have found these sources "canyon creek" "dayton nursery" "blue stone perennials" and "sequim rare plants" Thanks Brandy

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etii(France 8)

Hello !

About violets, there's a few to know and a lot to experiment ;o)
Caterpillars are not welcome among my violets, no need to say, unfortunately I kill them. Don't know if your fritillary butterflies will enjoy european violets. Sometimes some insect only like a king of plant and not another one. However, it's better not to let a viola pedata eaten by caterpillars 'cause that viola is an endangered one and may desappear one day or another.
Canyon creek has a good reputation, good choice I guess :-)
Hope you will love to have all those sweet perfumed violets and keep us informed about them :-)

All the best - Thierry :-)

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