Daconil sprayed wrong....what to do?

qaguyJune 30, 2012

I sprayed yesterday with Daconil using my Gilmour sprayer.

Unfortunately, I forgot the bit about diluting it because

Daconil's thicker than water. So I'm not sure (in fact, I'm

fairly sure it didn't) work properly. As I used to say

when I was working, OPERATOR ERROR, system works as

intended. I was an IT guru.

So should I give the plants a shower and wash off any of

the Daconil that did manage to get on the plants and

respray, or should I just respray with the properly diluted


I don't worry about overhead watering here in SoCal, especially

with the 90 degree/6% humidity we've been having lately.

So giving them a shower isn't the problem most of the

rest of you have.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

So are you saying you just sprayed it on straight/concentrated? No dilution? Then yes hose the plants off with water and respray.

Or are you saying you added the water to the Daconil in the sprayer but didn't mix it well and didn't keep it mixed? Didn't do the shake-well-as-you-go bit?

Then the end result is the same since the Gilmore sprayers suck from the bottom - the first plants got sprayed with undiluted Daconil and the later plants got sprayed with 90% water.


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Dave - looking back at my original post, I really didn't
explain it properly.

The Gilmour sprayer is the hose-end type that mixes it as you go.
No dilution is needed provided the concentrate is the same
viscosity as water.

You pour in the concentrate, attach to the hose and set
the dilution rate on the sprayer. The sprayer mixes the
stuff for you.

What I did was forget to dilute the concentrate so it
flowed properly. The Daconil, being much thicker than
water, didn't get picked up by the sprayer as well
as it should (if at all).

It's a known situation and, in fact, the instructions
specifically mention thicker than water concentrates and
how to do it properly. I just forgot that part.

You'd better believe I won't forget that little bit of
information again.

Guess I'll wash what little stuff that got on the plants
off and start again from the beginning.

Thanks for the assist and for all your very intelligent
and informative posts.

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