to leave or pull?

Pegleg48(6a Toronto)June 14, 2012


I started my tomatoes from seed this year, and am growing in containers. I transplanted a few into their permanent homes a few weeks ago and they are doing well, but a few of them sat around in small pots far too long, got very leggy, and started to rot along the bottom of the stems (white bubbly bits. Not very healthy, I know that much).

Last night, I planted the two best of the bunch in 18 gallon containers, but even planting the root ball at the bottom of the container, they are still tall and leggy and won't get as much support (container is at least 2ft deep). I have a few other smaller seedlings that are much healthier.

So, should I leave them in there, give them lots of food, and see how they do? Or just pull em, and replace with my healthier plants, even though they will produce much later.

Too bad the best looking one I accidentally snapped when trying to transplant! I stuck it deep in some dirt to see if that might keep it alive, but I expect to find it all wilty when I get home.

I could use the space for my eggplant instead...



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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Peggy, the "white bubbly bits" are most likely not rot but adventitious roots, and not a problem.

The tomato plant's normal reaction to high humidity (whether in the air in rainy weather or along the ground) is to produce roots.

Here's a thread with more info and a photo of some unusually long adventitious roots:

Even if the broken stem is wilty when you get home, give it a bit of shade, keep it watered, and in a week or so it will look like a brand new plant (which it will be).

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Pegleg48(6a Toronto)

Well, I decided to sacrifice them instead, mostly to give space to more eggplant.
But thanks for the advice. It has been humid in the house. I might give a few seedling to a friend, and I'll just tell her to bury it deep and let it do its thing.
I have several smaller seedling that I might plant a little later so when the bigger ones give out (containers might be a bit constricting) I'll have replacements.


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