Bermuda, bummuda

dct1321(California)January 7, 2006

I HATE THIS STUFF! I haven't done Ornamec recommended here. I've tried Round-up and it came back up bigger. It laughs at weed barrier. Just spent 6 hours lifting pavers and pulling the rhizones or whatever they are. Any fold in the fabric, it grew like a cable!! It grew over, through, in between the weed barrier.

I do this twice a year, and still can't stay ahead of the devil spawn weed. It's right next to my organic vegetable garden. And spreading.

I think I just needed to vent...

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I know this sounds crazy.......I live in louisiana, and the only thing ive ever noticed that actually kills it is to burn it with heavy doses of quick release nitrogen fert!? I think its takes it up to quick and it eats it from the inside out? After the initial burn i hit once more and then it just decentigrates!

IT is the devil!!!!! not its spawn, but the devil himself, the spawn is that forsaken cocoagrass!


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No, barriers don't stop it. I covered an area with heavy cardboard and put 3" of mulch over that. Within a years time it had grown through the cardboard. I was amazed when I finally pulled the decaying cardboard up to find 3' long white runners.

Round-up does work but you'll need to use a surfactant with it. You may need to spray it twice. I did it on a hot day and I had to go back and spot kill. I do a section of the yard every year. I'd like to do it all at once but I have nearly an acre and it's a lot of work. DH isn't much help in this area. He does work in the garden tho...if he wants to eat:)

I have a large vegetable garden that I try to keep as organic as possible. I tilled the garden plus a 4'area beyond the garden border. I raked all the runners I could find. I waited, watched and pulled any new plants over the summer. In the fall, I cardboarded the garden and built lasagna beds laying 3-4" of shredded hardwood on the pathways. I waited for 10 months to plant while holding my breathe. It's been 5 years and I've yet to see bermuda in the vegetable garden.

I'm getting there.

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My Bermuda is in my lawn, but our frustration is the same. What really worked for me last summer was the ingredient Fluazifop (left my normal grass alone!). It was in GreenLight's Bermundagrass Killer (no longer available ), but is also in Ornamec and Grass-B-Gone(Ortho). Currently, I'm trying Monterey Turflon Ester (active ingredient: Triclopyr) -- not sure of results yet.
As other postings warn, Bermuda laughs at most weed killers, unless it is a total herbicide, which also kills your desirable plants, so you have to be careful and look for specific chemicals.

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get the chemical named Poast ==kills only bermuda in lawns and shrubs===READ THE LABEL

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This year I found a product called Turflon Ester, which the folks at the local garden center told me could be used to control bermuda grass without harming the fescue or other wanted plants. They didn't seem to have a lot of conviction that it would help ("It might..."), but I decided to try it anyway.

I sprayed a test area that had a mixture of bermuda, fescue, and a few weeds. I didn't notice anything for a few days, but when I mowed the lawn 3 days later, I noticed the bermuda was a little browned where it had been cut. Then another 3 days later, I noticed the fescue was growing back (as you would expect), but the bermuda wasn't. The bermuda that was adjacent to my test area was still green and continuing to grow, just like the fescue in the test area.

It's now been a little over two weeks, and the established fescue in the test area is making a comeback. The bermuda has completely stopped growing and spreading. The Turflon Ester has also removed all the weeds from the treated area, including some bindweed that was there. Impressive!

It will probably take another couple of years of regular treatments and re-seeding, but this isn't nearly as difficult as I thought it would be.

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