Seed pod questions

minibot(z9bNorCA Sz16)December 9, 2005

Howdy! You all did warn me that there'd be many seeds coming, and upon inspection today I did find one seed pod. I'm planning on planting this viola (odorata I think...Barrone Alice de Rothschild) in a deep and wide planter. Should I do this soon, like emergency soon, or is there another way to collect seeds and give them a fighting chance? This is my first attempt at violas, I've never even grown a pansy in my life! (although they seem to do well this time of year over where I work which is 28 miles away) I'm pretty excited, cautious, but excited about having more great smelling flowers! These puppies smell so nice and I can smell them on a still day when I'm watering miniature roses that are about five feet away. So far so good with keeping it in its original pot...


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etii(France 8)

Hi !

Well, with your viola odorata Baronne Alice de Rothschild, you won't have many seeds coming. That girl is a bit lazy and she's also making empty pods (sometimes you only have 1 or 2 seeds in a kind of dead pod - beware of that). Some plants have strange manners and this one seems to be abortionist ;-) BUT...the few seeds you can get are easy to germinate like every odorata :-)
Normally, a cold period should be needed for odorata's seeds to germinate...just wonder odorata behaviour in such a hot place like California...maybe someone is having a good experience concerning that: is a short time in the fridge helpful ?
Let's forget pansy: just an under species of viola ;-p Such a yukky gross flower lol

All the best :-)

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