cherry tomatoes instead of roma

ashley12106June 24, 2012

Hi, new here.

This is my first garden. I planted 24 tomato plants that I bought from a nursery. They all had the little plastic tags stuck in them and said they were all roma plants. My plants are starting to produce and I realized today that I have 24 cherry tomato plants instead of roma. I am very disappointed as I wanted roma tomatoes to can salsa, sauce, and tomatoes. What should I do with all these cherry tomatoes? Since they aren't a meaty tomato can I make sauce with them or cut them in halves and can them for chili? Will they work for salsa? I have the option of taking them to a farmers market if they aren't good for canning, but I am hoping that I can use them.

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i know one thing id be pissed. then id have the nusery over and have them replaced, if you have time to start over. you did say where you live?

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I bought them in a town about 60 miles away because everywhere close didn't have great looking plants. I will be calling them tomorrow morning. I still have the containers and plastic tags in my shed as I was going to see if I could recycle them.

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where are located? i would call them and they would be delivered.pronto!

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You can still use them for sauce or salsa and can them, they'll be much sweeter than Roma's and a bit more liquidy. Don't bother skinning or reseeding, just toss them in a blender and simmer it down (for sauce) or chop (for salsa). They might even produce more pounds of tomatoes per plant, if they're indeterminate types.

Definitely call the nursery though, perhaps they'll refund your money.

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This has been one of the worst years I've seen for mislabeled plants at local stores. I've seen cabbage that turned out to be collards, cauliflower that turned out to be kohlrabi, beefsteak tomatoes that wound up being cherries, and bell peppers that were actually hot peppers. These were all produced by one large plant grower that blankets the SouthEast with seedlings.


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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

If the nuesery raises their own plants then it was the fault of one of the nursery workers who put the wrong labels in the wrong place. it happens.

But if the nursery subcontracts out for the plants they sell and they already come wrongly labelled that's another story. And that happens as well/

But at this time of the year I can't see any nursery still having good plants to sell.At a couple of places where I read there are stories of folks picking up overgrown very large plants that were outside and not taken care of and paying some ridiculos price for them/

Maybe some of you have local nurseries that still have excellent healthy plants, but we here in the tundra are about the last to put out our plants and for those who buy their plants. And word is that's all that's left at some places are the yellow leaved disease speckled very tall plants.


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I'm very sorry you had such an experience with your first year garden. If you have to travel so far to find decent looking plants, next year you might consider starting your own seedlings from seed indoors. It is not terribly difficult (lots of good info on this forum), and with the variety of seed sources online, would allow you to try many varieties of roma/paste tomatoes to find the most productive/best suited to your taste. While commercial seed mix-ups also happen, they're far less common as seed companies stake their legitimacy on having accurately labeled and pure seed.
Starting your own plants and saving seed adds a whole new level to the enjoyment of gardening, and offers you a greater level of control over your gardening experience.

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Thanks for all responses. I have contacted the nursery and am waiting for a managers response. I am going to try to use up these cherry tomatoes. I started everything in my garden by seed myself except the tomatoes. I will definitely not be afraid to try seedlings myself next time.

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All the more reason to start plants from your own seeds, its cheaper, and around May here in So Cal you dont even need green house, simply put seeds in the tomato bed and they take off.

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