Fragrant violets indoors?

tinab1181(FL-Volusia)December 20, 2006

Hi, I'm an indoor gardener with no outside space, I was just wondering if there were any fragrant violets that could successfully be grown indoors? Also, how much sun do they require, etc.?

Thank you so much!


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etii(France 8)

Hi !

NO WAY !! Sorry to say that but fragrant violets (odorata or parma) are outside plants !
Don't know anyway any violet living inside...maybe some tropical ones....

All the best

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It probably would be pretty difficult to create the right environment indoors for them. I have a small clump growing in a small (8") pot outside that has one little flower right now. They take up so little space that I'm sure you could find room for a small pot without too much trouble.

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Hi there! I was perusing the site, they have a few violets that are fragrant and can be grown indoors.

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etii(France 8)

Hi !

I'm sorry mersiepoo but violets CAN'T be grown indoors, NO WAY, definitively. I wish they could, believe me. Odoratas are from what it's called moderate area weather and can't live indoors, they do need winter to bloom and fresh air to live. They can't be considered as house plants.
I made a try with hederacea a few month ago 'cause it's not in love with winter. Bad idea :-( I put it back outside so as to give it a chance not to die ;o)
If you want violets indoors, you must have a tropical one: let's have a dream thinking about one of those marvellous violets from Hawaii !!! It just seems impossible to get any of them :'''(

Take care & don't stop your passion for violets :-)

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does this mean that violas cannot be grown Indoors as well ?would I be better off planting In to the ground come fall?

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hmmm. well i grew these yellow ones in my window sill and they made the entire room smell sweet! i dont know their name though.

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not sure of the name on mine, I bought them down south. they are the light and dark purple color combonation. could I try to bring them In? the plant Is mature and would like to try and save It If I could

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thought I would put to rest the question about If violas can be grown Indoors. yes they can. I took the chance and brought mine In and placed In a sunny window sill. after some adjustment the plant Is growing well and gone Into for those who think It cant be done.It can be If you can hang It up In a sunny window, even better.

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stefanb8(z7 MD)

The question really is longevity and quality of life; ultimately (and it won't take altogether too long), the plants will at best become spindly and you'll simply toss them out. Not that violas are long-lived in the garden, ordinarily, but they will do better there than indoors. When someone wants to bring the plant in to "save" it, the question is, save it from what? If the answer is winter, then no, it isn't feasible to keep the plant alive all winter long inside. You won't have anything worth planting back out next spring, and honestly, the plants prefer cold temperatures anyway. The best bet would be to attempt some sort of propagation - either rooting cuttings, dividing the plant, or collecting seed to renew the old planting's youth. Mulching or some other kind of sheltering outdoors during the winter may also be helpful, but their chances are better out than in.

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