Help! Mutant Rose of Sharon's attacking yard

organic_jlynchFebruary 22, 2007

I'm posting here in the hopes that someone else has experienced this....I'm really very frustrated--my neighbors on both sides are elderly, and long ago planted Rose of Sharon. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't HATE the trees, they have their merit and can be lovely, but I'm literally being inundated with "offspring" and can't seem to kill them. I don't remember the Rose of Sharon we planted as a kid multiplying at all...So, they are officially a "weed" to me. I'm attempting to make a raised bed vege garden and went out to survey the area where I'd like to put was like a cemetery for wintering rose of sharons. All about 12-20 inches high.

Is there a very strong weed killer that I can use to kill them?

After killing them and clearing the area, can I still plant in a raised bed system? This is really the only place that gets full sun and would be good for the garden and I really have my heart set on planting this year.

In addition, it looks like some poision ivy as well from the overgrowth from the neighbor to the right of me...I guess I'm totally defeated this year?????

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"Hibiscus syriacus" can be very invasive because every blossom when pollinated will produce a seed that will grow into another tree or shrub. If you keep cutting the leaves off these the roots will die off because they will be getting no food, no nutrients, with which to grow. You could spray something but that is, like cutting off the leavs, something you will need to do often, not a one time thing.

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