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chris_ont(5a Ont)December 22, 2003


I have this white violet (Canadensis?) that came with the house. It is in a poor spot which gets little moisture (because of nearby maple) and probably too much sun. It's very pretty in the spring, but by summer it suffers from the afternoon sun that gets under the tree.

Now I've had to remove the tree and this will get sun all afternoon into the evening. I should move it, eh? :)

I'm wondering where to move it and if it's worth it. I think that, under better conditions, this one can be very invasive. In the three years that I've been here, this clump hasn't increased much in size and utterly collapses for a few hours when it gets watered or rained on.

I'd appreciate any comments about this plant.

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Hi, Chris,

I'm overwhelmed with this violet down in NY. You should be able to move it in the spring, any time the ground isn't frozen, really. It's pretty hardy, and will re-seed itself. It'll take some sun - up to 5 hrs or so. Likes a bit of moisture, though.

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