V. tricolor ssp. curtisii - question from Anna

Mike Hardman(Cyprus, 100m altitude)December 27, 2003

Gawd - Anna - sorry - my anti-spam software deleted your email to me off my ISP's server before it got downloaded to my PC. I just had time to scan your message before it disappeared.

Consequently, I don't know whom to send an email to...

Hence a shot in the dark here...

You said building works where you live in south London, on the site where William Curtis had a garden long ago, had destroyed the recent garden - and you were interested in including Curtis' heartsease amongst the replanting.

That's a nice idea in principle, and it could work if you provide a calcareous sandy soil, since that is the substrate they favour in the wild. They grow naturally in dune complexes around mainly in the west and north of the British Isles. But don't expect them to last long - they will need to be sufficiently at home to perpetuate themselves by seed. Off-hand I don't know where you could get plants or seed commercially.

But anyway, if anybody reading this has a clue who Anna might be, please bring this posting to her attention; thanks; fingers crossed.


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Mike Hardman(Cyprus, 100m altitude)

Problem solved - Anna's been in touch - sorry for the distraction.

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