Thick Polyester Fabric as WEED Mat/Cover?

montanna(4b)February 18, 2009

I am a seamstress and have lots of extra polyester fabric.

I was wondering if this could be used as a weed mat/cover.

I have different thicknesses too.

All my weeds were pulled last year before the snow came so there are no huge weeds to contend with.

So what do ya'll think?


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That would work, but because it lasts almost forever you could regret using it at some future date. This is kind of like the landscape fabrics, some that were laid down 15 years ago are now showing up on the surface as small bits an pieces that need to be picked up and disposed of.

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barbara_muret(ctr OK)

two options: agree with kimmsr: only if you want to remove it at a later date in little shreds of fabric 'everywhere'. however, if you lay down thick newspaper, and put a layer of thick fabric over it, all the weed seeds and new weeds can be "peeled off" and a new piece of fabric laid down. The problem is that a huge amount of weeds come in from surface dirt and wind. they make a new home on top. Example: I have a patch I'm saving for new roses this year; last spring I weeded, laid down newspaper, covered in landscape fabric, weighted down and covered with bark chips. This spring it is thickly covered in grass and weeds, but I know I can peel it back and have nice fresh earth to plant my roses in. I think if it were regular fabric I'd probably have a mess. Experiment with a patch?

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Thanks for the advice!

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