Growing clover on Coir sheets?

DrPurple(5A)February 15, 2012


I dont really like the idea that clover doesnt have its own section. Its a great filler and cover in many cases. My entire street was bombarded with grubs one year and we planted clover with the grass and had NO grubs whatsoever while everybody elses grass-only lawns were being eaten up like crazy. Anyways that aside..

What are your opinions.. do you think clover would grow in coir sheets? Maybe by soaking the sheet overnight then sowing the seeds and keeping the sheet moist? Any ideas? Curious thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Beeone(4 N. Wyo.)

I'm not following why you are wanting to use the coir in relation to mixing clover with your lawn grass. But, I see no reason you wouldn't be able to put it down and spread clover seed on the top. It should be woven loosely enough to get the seed into the mat a little bit to improve moisture contact with the seed. Also be sure to keep it constantly moist to get the seed germinated. If the mat is too dense to provide the seed some coverage, then you might spread a little compost, dried grass clippings or other material thinly over the seed to provide it some protection, then water and keep moist until the clover gets started.

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The coir project has nothing to do with the lawn grass. I was simply opening my question by addressing the fact that its a shame that clover--being the resilient and helpful plant it is--is only given a space in the weeds forum and not its own subforum like most other plants have. Thanks for your opinion on the coir!

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