How to get rid of Morning Glory?

urbangarden(5 (IL))February 1, 2009

I have a ton of morning glory growing up a big fence in my yard. It is beautiful there in the morning, but the MG seeds spread throughout my raised vegetable beds last year. I'm planning for spring planting and I'm wondering what I can do to minimize the morning glory seeds in the beds. From May-August of 2008, I weeded and weeded morning glory seedlings from the vegetable beds several days each week. Towards the middle of the summer I wanted to give up, so I let some of the seedlings stay and they almost choked out my flax, cucumber and watermelon. (Lesson learned). How can I ease the burden this time around? Any suggestions?

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Morning Glory sometimes can be an invasive plant and that may well depend on the soil. I've not found it to be a problem in my sand. Some places it will not only spread by seed but the roots will grow out and send up more plants. If it is spreading only be the seed then control is really simple, cut the blossoms off before the seed is viable, ie deadhead the plants. Sometimes, if this spreads by roots, a heavy mulch will stop it, while other times the only means of control is to dig up the roots.
Many people report that herbicides do not work because they will not kill the roots.

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all of us gardeners have been enticed by the gorgeous photos of morning glories rambling and cascading off of fences and trellises,myself beautiful as they are,some varieties are more problematic then others."grandpa ott" is the all time winner in terms of invasiveness.i'm still plucking seedlings every spring 4 years hence.though i grew "flying saucers"to great effect,but never saw it the following year.i suspect some are more prolific seeders than others."ott"seeds remain viable just have to keep on plucking...they sprout up in september,many feet away from where i planted them years before.lesson learned:i am very careful what i plant now.i suspect i'll be seeing grandpa ott again this spring.if the area in question is not cultivated,a layer of black plastic or weed guard clothe can be set upon the area with a layer of mulch.holes can be made to accomodate a planting of your desire,however,those pesky mg's will find these holes,so be diligent about weeding them every day or so.good luck

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Since plastic prevents air exchange necessary for the soil and plants roots using plastic over soil is not a good idea, ever.

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kimmsr is absolutley correct,not to mention watering.stupid suggestion on my part.although i stand by the clothe...

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mattjjd24(4 upstate NY)

Is bindweed the same thing as Morning Glory?

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Not quite the same thing but in the same family.

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Pour boiling water on the ones you want to get rid of. Just read that somewhere else on this site. It's effective with any flower or weed you want to get rid of and doesn't require money or chemicals, just your time.

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There are two kinds of Morning Glory: Ipomoea which is annual and not invasive, and Convolvulus which spreads by runners underground and is very invasive - a noxious weed in my opinion. I battled Convolvulus for years in a previous home and finally found a "patch" of root under the soil coiled up like a hose and bigger around than a tire. When I removed that the problem slowed down quite a bit. I'm now finding it again all over and would love advise on how to kill it permanently when you can't find the "mother lode" of roots. What you buy as seed is usually Ipomoea, but I'd check before I planted it.

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Herbicides will have little effect on the perennial type once it has established an extensive root system. I've pulled up underground runners 15 ft. long and more in my back yard. Roundup will kill the foliage, but not the root. Ordinary Roundup contains 2% glyphosate. A concentrate containing 48% is available. I'm going to try soaking root ends in the concentrate using wads of cotton wrapped with plastic.

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