Can I see pics of your established viburnums?

marti8aApril 20, 2011

Are they blooming now? I keep thinking I see them as I drive down a country lane, but I'm not sure if it's viburnum or some other native.

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random_harvest(z8 TX DFW)

I don't have any viburnums (wish I did) and I'm not familiar with native species, but here are some blooming at the Dallas Arboretum last month. Probably not native, but certainly established!

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Lin barkingdogwoods

Here is a photo of my burkwoodii - it bloomed a month or so ago:

This is a small rusty blackhaw viburnum, purchased before I knew they were native on my property in east Texas. These are already at bginning berry stage here.


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That is gorgeous random harvest. Neither of those look like the things I have been looking at. I guess I'll have to go walking and get a close up look at it.

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Lin barkingdogwoods

One last pic - here is my leatherleaf viburnum in somewhat bloom:

And, for a shrub that's blooming now, here's a close-up of a deutzia in my yard:

Even though they're not what you're looking for, it's fun to show off the bones!


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Your leatherleaf looks like the plant I've seen. I really like that one. I might even have one in my backyard. There is something with leaves like that, but no blooms. It came up a year or two ago.

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Where can I buy a Rusty Blackhaw ( Viburtnum rufidulum) in the Dallas Fort Worth area?

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txplantaholic(z8 TX)

I bought mine a few years ago at Redentas. They have a store in Dallas and another in Arlington.

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Hey, has anyone had trouble with the viburnums growing REALLY slowly in Texas? I planted a 1/2 dozen small ones, each about 4-6" tall, last spring (combination of brandywine, winterthur and carlesii compacta) and they all are showing almost no signs of growth, though they are all alive. I realize these aren't traditional TX plants, but, I would expect they would either grow or die. Any ideas/experience? THANKS.

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Lin barkingdogwoods

I have seen the opposite - the varieties I have grow very quickly.

I gave Carrie a rooted cutting of my burkwoodii, and it grew freakishly fast! I think it's well over 6' tall now, in just a few years.

A couple things I'd check for is planted too deep (nurseries often top off the pots with mulch, making the plants really too deep) or girdling roots - I've started bare-root planting trees and shrubs because they've been in containers too long.


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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

Lin, it is well over six feet now, probably more like ten or twelve despite the Constance Elliot passion vine that tried to cover it this past growing season (I have it off of the viburnum now). It bloomed beautifully beginning the second year if I remember correctly. I questioned whether I had it planted in a good place, and I suppose I got my answer.

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Update - I planted mine in the spring of 2013, and none of them have grown more than 6 inches so far...I'm close to ordering some larger more mature shrubs to replace them. Someone talk me off the ledge here - how slow do these things usually grow when starting with a small plant (4-6" tall originally). It is a little hard to see - right of the football.

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I grow dwarf Walters viburnum in Houston area, Z9, and they have been excruciatingly slow but quite alive. I wanted some berry producing plants for a less cultivated and wooded area of property. I finally gave up on that project and transplanted them to an area that gets supplemental water. I hope to find a vib more suitable for the wooded location, but low on my priority list. The Walters have been growing since 2010 but have not performed as I expected. Hoping new location is the answer,

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