Chamber Bitter / Gripe Weed - You got it? I need it.

NehemiahMarch 13, 2014

This message goes out to all those south eastern states "afflicted" with Gripeweed, aka. Chamber bitter, or as it is medicinally called Chanca Piedra ("Break Stone"). The seeds seem unavailable for purchase. My hope is that someone finds this post who has a problem with these weeds in their yard and also finds the kindness to send me a plant or two. I will pay money for this as well.

To most folks, this sounds like a ridiculous request, but I assure you it is far from it. I am afflicted with CHRONIC kidney stones. They develop easily in both of my kidneys, despite my avoidance of certain foods and increased intake of water. I currently buy an extract of this plant, but wish to have it growing in my yard so I may harvest it fresh and produce my own tea and tinctures. The kidney cleansing power of this plant is my only hope at overcoming this EXTREMELY PAINFUL disorder. I live in southern California in a zone 10B area that should be able to sustain the plant.

If anyone feels compelled to help me after reading this, please reply or send me a private message and let's talk. I will be more than happy to financially compensate for your time and shipping cost.

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I have about 5 acres of this devil's spawn. The plants aren't up yet, though. The frost kills it back but it comes back with a vengeance in about April. I know that it is supposed to be good for urinary problems, but this stuff is so invasive. I have a feeling that the Federal and local agricultural agencies would hang someone who dared to mail the seeds though, I'm not taking the chance. My suggestion to you is to come down to Central Florida and just walk around - you'll find bushels of it.

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