Need help with a Natchez Crape Myrtle

midlight21April 19, 2014

I planted this crape myrtle 2 years ago in a spot in which two previous trees died. The first one died before we moved into the house so I don't know what killed it. We planted a Red Oak after that. It took about 5 years to die. It was attacked by wasps a year after it was planted and it just went downhill after that. Now...I planted the crape myrtle there as an experiment to see if anything would survive there because my HOA requires a tree in that spot. The problem is the crape myrtle still looks like I planted a twig. There wasn't much growth last year or the year before. Is there anything I can do to help it out? It's still alive and has little buds and I would love for it to survive.

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Hi, I have had my crepe myrtle for a year so I'm no expert. Mine is looking quite robust this spring in full sun. I have surrounded it with mulch and would occasionally feed it Epsom salts, crushed egg shells, coffee grinds, and leftover coffee. Hope this helps :)

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PKponder TX(7b)

In my opinion, the Natchez is the most beautiful of the Crape Myrtles! Great choice!

When you planted it, was it planted at the level of the soil in the pot or even higher? You always need to take care to not plant too deep. What is the watering situation like? It could just be a slow starter and growing it's roots. Please don't use weed and feed near it, that's really not good for trees, especially newly planted trees.
I'm no tree expert either, but we had a 15 year old Natchez in a former home that was 20 feet tall and wide. I have no idea about it's early growth rate.

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I planted my Natchez 4 years ago, as a small bush. It is now almost 10' tall, and I am now able to shape it in a tree form. I have planted it in a garden bed that has been very well amended soil and I put compost and alfalfa tea ect several times a year. Maybe it is your soil, if you just use good compost around it, it will work into the soil. I am in zone 6 just northwest of you and I do not have any new growth on any of my crape myrtles yet. We did have a freeze last week, that has slowed everything down a bit. Good luck.

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Okay, I ordered a test kit to test the soil. I know I didn't plant the crape myrtle too deep. Hopefully the test kit will help me figure out what's wrong.

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Good idea, let us know how it turns out. Debra

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