taxtaxMarch 4, 2013

I'm curious to try this preventer, which is supposed to surpress both Lions and Crabgrass. However, I'm a bit weary that it's probably another gimmick like most the other stuff I have wasted my money on.

Has anyone ever tried this? Thanks in advance.

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This product is a broad leaf weed killer and will not kill grasses. Nothing I have seen lists Crab Grass as a target.

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I was afraid of that. So if it's false advertising that, then I can assume it won't do anything for lions either then.

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i am guessing that when you mention "lions" you mean dandelions which are broad leaf plants that any poison containing 2,4-D and Dicambra, as this does, will kill.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

OP wrote "So if it's false advertising that,"

Read the label. Doesn't say anything about killing crabgrass.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

The WeedOut will control the 'lions ', as well as a long list of other BROADLEAF plants. It can be sprayed over the lawn to kill those weeds. It's not a preemergent but a contact killer.

There are numerous herbicides on the market advertised as crabgrass killers....you simply have to learn how to read and understand herbicide labels. Visit your favorite big box store for crabgrass killers, read the labels to make sure that you fit within the limitations of use.

These are not preventers (preemergent), but contact killers. It won't
Kill many other grasses, just the crab.....if you follow the directions.

If you have a serious lawn weed problem, you might want to consider doing some research about preemergent herbicides.

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