Moscito Control and Citronela plants

nightrider767(San Antonio)April 13, 2008

Howdy Texans, looking forward to the summer and thinking back on last summer one thing that really comes to mind outside of family jumping in the pool, barbecues and good times, was the huge muscuito population that turned our family get togethers into a moscuito feeding freenzy.

In all honesty, I'd guess 1/2 of the people who jumped in the pool tried to beat the heat and 1/2 tried to beat the moscuitos...

This year I was thinking of growing three citrinella plants from hanging baskets around my deck to help keep the skeeters at bay.

Has anyone tried this? Is it affective? Is their anything else to handle these pest outside of tieing roaps around the youngins, so that they are not carried off?

Banana Mike

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

Will Pelargonium Citrosa, a/k/a Mosquito Plant a/k/a/ Citronella Plant help deter mosquitoes? Probably not!

The following is from the Herb Society of American website

Some relatively recent Pelargonium folklore involves the notorious "citrosa mosquito-fighter,"Pelargonium 'Citrosa.' In the 1990s, the plant (which was also marketed as Pelargonium citrosum 'Van Leenni') sold for $7.99-$18.95 in Ontario, and was alleged to be a genetically engineered cross of a Pelargonium and Cymbopogon nardus, a Chinese grass containing citronella oil, but analysis of the plant and field trials proved it to be a hoax (60, 91). The plant's oil composition was very similar to rose geranium, including only .09% citronellal (one of the active components in citronella oil) (60, 91). The citrosa plant did not protect human subjects from mosquito bites more than controls, and in one field trial mosquitoes actually landed on the plant (60).

And the following is from website

Sometimes sold as "the mosquito plant" this scented geranium has a citronella scent that some individuals believe repells pesky insects. Personal experience does not show this to be true, but the plant is a nice addition to the garden. It will grow up to eighteen inches in height and has bright green leaves with five lobes and serrated edges. The pink flowers are fairly showy.

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I thought about buying some of those plants as well and planting them around the pool area, but thought they were probably too good to be true. We also have a mosquito problem... are citronella candle torches a waste of money as well? How about that mosquito repellent spray they sell to spray your lawn? We just plan to use bug spray, but I wish there was something better to deal with the problem. Any suggestions?

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nightrider767(San Antonio)

I actually do have luck with the citronella candles. They seems to really give us a buffer. That's why I thought the plants might work.

Spraying the yard didn't work for me as I found the skeeters would just swoop on in from the neighbors yard.

But speaking of suggestions,,, none on skeeters, but if flies are a problem on your patio, I've found the ultimate fix.

My BH bought a fly trap, I think it was from Walmart last year. I can't remember the product name, but it was a bag you hung and it had a small one-way door in the top for flies.

I've never seen anything work like this. On the bad side, it's stinky, so like everything else in life, not perfect. But the flies could not stay away from it. They actually fought eachother to get in. I cought a hundred or more in one bag. When the smell became really bad, I moved the bag to a corner of the yard to continue it's work. This thing is the ultimate fly deathtrap.

In the end,,,, it took care of the fly problem. For us in the summer, the flies can be just as bad as the skeeters...

Banana Mike

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

I know down here on the coast that especially after storms the mosquitoes just take you away. But we have good luck with the mosquito magnets. Expensive, but effective!

Also if you have standing water, use the mosquito dunks sold at most nurseries. Our county gives them away to help get rid of the nasty little creatures!

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roxy77(Houston Z9)

I had some of these plants on my patio...I didn't notice that they kept the mequitos away...though they did grow very well here in SE Houston.

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