Skunk Babies

John_D(USDA 8b WA)July 5, 2005

No the best picture (I need to clean my glass door to cut the glare, and not all of them (I'm tired of reducing photos to where they're small enough to post, so I just crop them).

You can tell the size of the babies by comparing them to the size of the flower pot.

Image link:

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htown(North Houston)

Cool! I sort of like seeing skunks. I have only been fortunate enough to see a pair of them once in my yard and it was very memorable. I was not sprayed or anything I kept my distance and observed them. They have an exotic appearance to me.

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John_D(USDA 8b WA)

I saw three skunk babies and four raccoon kits playing on my deck last night,while their parents looked on. (No one got sprayed.)

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I was trimming my large shrubs but was quickly roused out when attacked by angry wasps. Next few days, walking my Yorkie at 5 am, there was a rustling in the beehive, just one foot or so from the ground and a white tail visible. Checking later in the day, I noticed that half the hive was gone. And two days later, nothing remained. Well, I guess the skunk likes to eat the wasps when they're asleep. I do know they eat grubs in the lawn at night. Quite convenient for me as now I was able to finish my trimming without threat.

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