Tulips in Houston?

Ann_in_Houston(z9 Houston)April 29, 2013

My husband was in the hospital last month and his office sent him a beautiful dish garden with the plants all in separate pots. The tulips didn't last well indoors and were already spent when I brought the plants home. Now, I am going through the bulbs that are in the nursery pot they came in and there are many separate bulbs. I have put them in to some Miracle Gro soil in a pot but I know this isn't right. What am I supposed to do with them? I would Google it but I'm afraid the advice for cold places would be different than here.

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If you have friends who live in the a northern state and want to spend the money you could ship them to them. But here they just will not make it they need that freeze they get while in the ground which they will not in our climate. Or you could go ahead and plant him but they need lots of chill hours and putting them in the freezer will just turn them to mush.

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Hi Ann
Here's what happened to your BIG gorgeous Tulips! They were likely raised in the Netherlands where the grower cut off the buds for 2 years. You got the big flowers. Now they want to multiply and so you have what looks more like a head of garlic than one big bulb. It would take several years and consistently cool temps for 12 weeks before they will be what you got in the pot. Sorry, we just don't get that in TX and even in the Netherlands they take special care.

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Ann_in_Houston(z9 Houston)

Ok, thanks. I'll take them out of the pot I stored them in because it has a bulb that's good here and has already put up healthy growth. They'd probably rot and kill my nice plants.

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yeah, just throw them out, even in the north with enough chill hours those florist blubs rarely make it.
My sister grows tulips...in Delaware.
Tally HO!

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Everyone's right, they won't grow here. I planted some one year and had a couple come up the next year but the plants were small and weak and didn't bloom. They didn't come back the third year.

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I have had good luck with naturalizing tulipa cluisiana in dallas.

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