Help my squirrels?

geckoamSeptember 15, 2007

I have some hawks (either cooper or red tailed - GORGEOUS!) that have been hanging around my yard, not for the birds but for the almost adult squirrels that hang out in a thick tree w/ mom. The other day mom was down with me and she was eating nuts, next thing I heard was a baby screaming in the tree and mom took off like a shot. I could not tell if he got him, but He has been hanging around the squirrel tree. It's very thick and I don't know how the hawk can even fit through all the leaves?

I am VERY attached to my squirrels, I don't know the babies, but most of the adults have been around minimum 2 years. How can I lure the hawk away from the squirrels?? Why would he not go for the easy prey - all the birds? Even with the feeders up, he was still going for the squirrels.

I think the hawk is BEAUTIFUL. I have once stood 5 feet away from it perched on the birdfeeder post. And OHHH if only I had my camera! It was a sight! I would LOVE a shot of him. But that's a different subject. I just wanted you to know that I do like the hawk, I'm just wondering why he is going for my squirrels and not the birds.

I have read all the posts in your group re: keeping a hawk away, and all have said there is not much that one can do really to keep a hawk away. Is there anything I can do to switch his attention? Or any new advice on how to keep him away?

I'd appreciate any help or advice? You know more about hawks than I do.

Thank you!

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loris(Z6 NJ)


I don't have an answer, but think you're more likely to get answers if you post this on either the Wildlife discussions forum, or the Bird Watching Forum.


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