Preventing weeds before starting seeds

chestnutpatrick(7)March 26, 2006

I am planning to plant zinnias, cosmos, and nasturtium in mass this spring. Could you recommend a preemergent treatment/chemical that will reduce competition between seedlings and weeds? Could I use preen in this situation, or should I cultivate the earth frequently before planting seeds? Mulching will not be an option due to the large area I am planning to plant. Thanks in advance.

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you have to be careful here. pre-emergents prevent the germination of annual weed seeds. if you broadcast a product like treflan over your bed, the seeds you subsequently sow will likely not come up. there are two ways to overcome this:

broadcast your weed preventer, then create furrows or individual holes for your seed and fill them with bagged seed-starter mix. plant your seeds in the mix.


broadcast your weed preventer and germinate your seeds in containers or flats. once the seeds have sprouted the pre-emergent shouldn't harm the transplanted seedlings. it's a lot more work, though.

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