weed behavior?

malorn(7 S.E. Mass)March 30, 2007

I wish I could post a pic, but right now it is there but not distictive enough to photo. I will try to describe it's behavior last year..I'm not even sure it is a weed but something strange is going on..

Description: It never turned green, no flowers, no leaves, no stems..it started a "straw" color and stayed that color.

Behavior: It started as a straw colored patch, about 1 foot in diameter. My 1st impression was one of the many weeds out there died. It never grew up, but stayed matted to the ground, it felt dead. It spreads out from the initial patch in all directons.. again, no leaves, green, flowers or stems, pulling up a piece is hard as it has firmily attached itself, each tendril, spreading from the initial spot, kept itself firmly attached to the ground.

It was like an octopus..spreadig in all directions..the patch with it's tendrils was eventually over 8 feet before the frost stopped it.

It looked like straw, growing flat..something dried out and dead, yet still spreading across the area..

I don't know if something poisoned that section of yard or is this a weed..I never used a chemical or pesticide on any of my property.

As soon as it starts again...I will post a pic..but would like to try and prevent it from starting again..hence the post..for any ideas..

I live in coastal Mass..I've searched every weed pic I could find..everything groes up..out of the ground..this never did..I'll take any ideas..

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ardnek710(z6 stlouis)

could it be a fungus/mushroom of sorts?


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malorn(7 S.E. Mass)

Thank you..brown spot fungus (I actually thought people with these spots needed to water more!)..I'm not sure if it is it..but I'm going to post pics later today...perhaps that will help

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